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Have you invested in a website designed to grow your business and found that even though your site looks great, it really isn’t bringing the number of customers you expected? Did you pay a significant sum for the best looking website because you were told looks count? Well the good news is that you are not alone, web designers have been telling people how important the look of a website is in the process of getting people to buy what you sell, to some extent this is true, but the look alone is not enough, even the words and pictures are not enough. Most websites we review are missing some very important content, it is called the Call for Action. Now when I mean Call for Action I mean three important things as follows: 1. What products you sell and problems you solve. 2. How you solve those problems. 3. How people can buy your solution from your website or contact you. Take a moment to think about the process, someone goes online to buy something, they type in a search term and ask the search engine to find it for them. Assuming your website is set up correctly the search engine will list your site as a place where they can buy what they want. The question is when they land on your site is it obvious they are in the right place. If it is, do you make it easy for the person to purchase what you sell? If you want them to contact you do you make it easy for them to do this? The Power of the Spoken Word over the Written Word. Which is easier to follow, the written word or a set of simple instructions someone says to you? More and more people are realising the power of video and some of them are putting them on their sites, do you have a video on your home page and another one on your sales page explaining what you do and how people can buy from you? The challenge with video for many is two fold, first the cost to produce good video and then having enough space on their site to display the video so visitors can see it easily. Imagine you had an Audio file on your computer which plays automatically like the one on this page, did you notice that it played straight away and was short, clear and to the point. Whether you use Audio or Video, a short, clear message telling people what you do, what problems your product or service solves and how to buy it online or contact you, is much more powerful than words and pictures. Audio is a great way to add value to your words and pictures and video can add serious value to your site. The Challenges with Audio and Video. The reason many don’t use Audio or Video is simple, they either don’t have the facilities to record them. Hate their voice so are reluctant to record it. Not sure what to say even if they could hire someone to say it for them. Not sure how to put the Audio or Video on their website. Don’t realise how powerful having a professional voice promoting their products and services is. Think that Audio or Video is price prohibitive. Consider this: Television adverts don’t just put words on the screen and let people read them. It is true there may be words on the screen, but the message is usually in the images, words and music. So why do most websites just rely on words and images and fail to use the spoken word to get their main message across. The Solution. We have brought a VoiceOver Specialist in to our team to help you solve this problem. For those of you that don’t know how to use the spoken word to share your message with your site visitors, Neil our voiceover guy has created a simple step by step program called VoiceOvers Made Easy you can use to create your own Audio/Video and get it loaded on your site fast. If you really don’t want to do it or just don’t have the time, Neil will record your Audio for you via our Audio Done for You service where, having established what you need and want to say, he will either record it himself or have it recorded for you. We will then work with your web designer to ensure the Audio is positioned correctly for the best results. Over the coming weeks we will also be developing additional programs which will help you develop your on site video, YouTube Video and even help you create great Webinar’s you can use to promote your products and services to a wider audience. To find out more about each program, just click the relevant button on the menu list and you will be taken to a page which tells you exactly what each program includes and how to purchase it. Why wait, turn more website visitors into customers with the aid of Audio and/or Video today. Start by checking out VoiceOvers Made Easy if you want to create your own Audio messages or hirer Neil to do it for you with Audio VoiceOvers Done for You. Just click the button of your choice. If you are still not sure, claim your Free copy of The Power of the Spoken Word and see why the spoken word is so powerful. Click here to claim your free copy today.    
Why voiceovers work
Convert More Visitor’s To Your Website Into Buyers. Discover How To Create Powerful Audio, Video, YouTube Video and Webinar Messages That Convert.
Why VoiceOvers Work
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